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Christmas Chronicles: Police Now officer wishes everyone a tree-mendous holiday

Christmas Chronicles: Police Now officer wishes everyone a tree-mendous holiday

Friday 23 December 2022

Police Constable Amy Norman has been supporting the local community this festive season, attending community events including Shepperton’s Big Tree Night and working with her team to prevent shoplifting. 

Amy joined Surrey Police in 2021 via Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme, which places outstanding graduates in neighbourhood policing teams across the country to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and build public confidence in the police service. 

She tells us about her work on Spelthorne Neighbourhood Policing Team to keep the community safe over Christmas, and the ‘Endeavour Award’ she recently won for her resilience and determination.  

PC Amy Norman standing in front of a Christmas tree
PC Amy Norman

Police Constable Amy Norman: 

“There’s no doubt about it – Christmas is an extremely busy time for us on Spelthorne Neighbourhood Policing Team. As neighbourhood officers it’s really important that we proactively engage with the community during the festive season, being a visible presence and helping everyone celebrate safely. 

“Attending Shepperton’s recent Big Tree Night was a fantastic opportunity for us to positively connect with the community and it was great to receive such a warm reception. I was able to chat with local councillors, the neighbourhood watch, and members of the public, sharing advice and hearing their concerns. For me, hearing from members of the community is one of the most rewarding parts of being a neighbourhood police officer. Making sure that the public know who we are and trust us with their concerns is key to successful neighbourhood policing and attending events like this really helps us build that trust. The positive relationships we forge and intel we receive as a result are often vital further down the line when responding to crime. 

“Much of my time over the festive season has also been spent tackling shoplifting in our local shopping centre. My colleagues and I have increased the number of foot patrols we conduct – including plain-clothed patrols – to catch and discourage crime. Our efforts have resulted in several arrests being made and penalties issued, which we hope will deter future offending and help the shoppers feel safer. 

“It’s a very challenging job being out on the frontline, but the public deserve to receive the best possible service from us at all times. That’s why I try to proactively improve my skills and constantly push myself to learn more. I recently asked to do an attachment with the Surrey Police radio control room, for example, as I wanted to improve my radio skills. As a result, I received the ‘Surrey Police Endeavour Award’, presented to the officer who shows drive and determination and a tenacity to develop their policing skills. 

“Becoming a neighbourhood officer through Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme was a fantastic career step for me, and I’m fortunate to say that I’m in a job I thoroughly enjoy. The opportunity to make a positive and tangible impact in society was the reason I applied to the programme, and it’s what I strive to do every day, whatever the season.” 

Police Sergeant Chris Springett said: “PC Norman has worked on the neighbourhood team for several months and since starting the role she has fully embraced it, working on problem solving plans for some of the most chronic issues in our borough. PC Norman has a great work ethic and has been able to ‘think outside the box’ with fresh ideas which has helped solve a number of long-standing neighbourhood issues. PC Norman is a great neighbourhood officer and an asset to my team.” 

Applications for Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme are currently open for talented graduates who want to positively transform communities and become leaders in policing and in society.   

For more information on the stats referenced above, please see Police Now’s latest Impact Report here.  


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