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International influence: Police Now and New Blue conference 2023

International influence: Police Now and New Blue conference 2023

Wednesday 1st November 2023

Police Now and New Blue conference attendees 2023

Police Now hosted US-based policing fellowship programme New Blue in London last week (25th – 26th October) for an international networking conference. The two organisations, both dedicated to driving positive change and improving diversity within policing, discussed the future of law enforcement and shared insight, experience and best practice.

Recognising that Police Now are market leaders in the UK for police training and reform, New Blue reached out from across the Atlantic to establish the ongoing working relationship. Attendees included senior leaders from Police Now and New Blue, Police Now HQ staff, and serving US and UK-based officers from across both organisations’ fellowship and alumni networks.

Speaking of their aligned missions and introducing the conference this year, Executive Director of New Blue Kristin Daley said: “Together, we can transform the system. It starts with recognising the common-sense solutions to problematic practices. It is our duty to listen to what our communities are telling us and make changes, one solution at a time. It’s your job to stand up when you see bad practice or when you know the current culture is damaging. Integrity, equity and compassion – these things matter. The impact of that is transformative, and impact is not isolated, it ripples. The change you’re creating in your departments and your communities will ripple, it will inspire other officers, it will touch other departments and other communities. You are not alone, you now have a network of like-minded peers to support and back you up. Transformation is not only possible, it’s happening. Everyone in this room is living proof of that.”

Detective Inspector Millie Tanner, who joined Thames Valley Police via Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme and is now an advisor for New Blue alongside her UK policing role, said: “I joined the police in 2016 through Police Now, inspired by their mission to improve public confidence in policing. Now more than ever, this mission couldn’t be more important, both in the UK and the US. I have had an amazing career so far, not least because of Police Now’s incredible support.

“I’m now so excited to see the work that New Blue are doing across the pond, striving to reform policing and rebuild the public’s trust after years of erosion. They face issues which are so different but share similarities to those we see in the UK. New Blue founders Brittany and Andy have unending energy and focus for this project, which is inspiring to see. I can’t wait to see how both organisations work together to push for systemic and local change.”

Officer Timasha Haliburton, currently part of New Blue’s fellowship, said: “It has been both enlightening and refreshing to be a part of this conference. New Blue’s collaboration with Police Now makes sense – both organisations invest in officers, help them identify their strengths and talents, and develop those strengths to not only retain the officer but enrich their policing experience. Both organisations recognize that everyone has the potential to be a leader, and both organisations are dedicated to helping officers recognise and foster the leader within. Sharing ideas on an international scale helps bring different perspectives and new, innovative ideas to the table. The practical discussions that took place at this year’s conference will go on to inform my own policing approach and research.”

New Blue, founded by Brittany Nestor and Andy Saunders, provides networking, funding and training to US officers who demonstrate a desire to reimagine law enforcement and are dedicated to the pursuit of social equity and racial justice.

Police Now works in partnership with forces across England and Wales to recruit, train and develop outstanding and diverse individuals to be leaders in society and on the policing frontline, via their national programmes.

Police Now has recruited over 2,750 officers since its inception and has an extensive alumni network. After completing Police Now’s two-year programmes, officers continue to be supported through the next steps of their careers via a wide range of promotion and professional development support and national networks.


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