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Police Now launches national policing networks: PS Jon Opaye-Tetteh on policing diverse communities

Police Now launches national policing networks:

PS Jon Opaye-Tetteh on Policing Diverse Communities

Thursday 8 December 2022

T/PS Jonathan Opaye-Tetteh, Sussex Police

Police Now are working with officers across the UK to launch national policing networks, including the Policing Diverse Communities Network, Sergeants Network, Fast Track Network, Policing Drugs Network, and Innovation Network, with more to be launched next year.  

Designed to empower officers to drive positive change within the sector and within the communities they serve, the networks will connect Police Now alumni across the country to support one another and tackle complex issues in society.

Temporary Police Sergeant Jon Opaye-Tetteh of Sussex Police is passionate about building public confidence in policing and driving real impactful change across the sector. He is a Network Lead for the recently-launched Policing Diverse Communities Network, as well as the General Secretary for Sussex Police’s Race Equality Network (REN). He is also a participant on Police Now’s Frontline Leadership Programme, a one-year development programme which prepares talented police officers for promotion into leadership roles in policing.

Temporary Police Sergeant Jon Opaye-Tetteh, Police Now and Sussex Police:

“I joined Sussex Police in 2020, having previously served in The Met since 2015, and in January this year I began my journey on Police Now’s Frontline Leadership Programme (FLP). The programme has helped me develop as a leader, achieve my promotion goals, and network with like-minded officers on a national scale.

“Ever since I joined the FLP, I have met fantastic and inspiring colleagues who are determined to make a genuine difference. So, when I heard that Police Now’s Alumni and Ambassadors team were supporting officers to set up their own national networks, I knew it was a no-brainer to get involved and continue my Police Now journey.

“Thanks to their support, I have set up and launched the Policing Diverse Communities Network. As a Network Lead, I am working with Police Now to bring driven and talented officers together to improve policing legitimacy and drive positive action in this space.

“The network is still very new, but we have clear aims. We are creating a space where members can educate one another, discuss complex societal issues, learn from expert guest speakers and share best practice to bring back to our local forces. We want to diagnose and thoroughly understand the issues and barriers to policing diverse communities before we prescribe actions, and then create a model for policing diverse communities that can be used nationally.

“I bring to the table my experience as the General Secretary for Sussex Police’s Race and Equality Network, where I work with members to make sure our force is a place where officers and staff can celebrate their cultures, learn from one another in a safe environment and ultimately understand how to better support each other and the diverse communities we serve.

“I also assist with the local implementation of the National Race Action Plan in Sussex and deliver racial inclusion talks to new recruits, making sure to start early conversations around key topics such as privilege, positive action and anti-racism.

“I am very proud to have recently represented my force at the National Black Policing Association annual conference alongside another force colleague. The message was clear: it’s time for real, impactful change. True leaders within policing are not afraid to constructively disrupt the status quo in order to drive the positive change that’s needed. We need to listen to communities and really work to understand the diverse needs and experiences of the people we serve.

“It is this kind of passion and determination that I wish to bring to Police Now’s Policing Diverse Communities Network, so we can work across forces to empower and educate one another to make real change. Policing is a privilege, and we rely on the consent and co-operation of society to be truly effective. We must remember that every interaction we have with the public, especially those from ethnic minority communities, is an opportunity. An opportunity to change opinions, an opportunity for a new recruit, an opportunity to protect a victim or solve a crime but also an opportunity for a more equitable and fairer society.

“I have always been passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion, and have some experience in this area, but I welcome any Police Now colleagues to the new network, whether you have experience in this space yet or not. It’s about diversity in all its forms, we are all here to learn and drive change together.”

If you are an existing Police Now alumni or ambassador interested in joining or learning more about our national networks, get in touch [email protected]

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