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Police Now officer wins Lancashire Police Rising Star Award

Police Now officer wins Lancashire Police Rising Star Award

Wednesday 12th July 2023

Police Constable Fiona Rowe, who joined Lancashire Police via Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme, has won the Rising Star award in the force’s annual Excellence Awards

Managing a large, demanding and diverse area in her role as a Community Beat Manager on the Ormskirk Neighbourhood Policing Team, Fiona was presented with the award for her outstanding leadership skills and community work – including tackling anti-social behaviour, serious drug use and theft in Ormskirk and improving student safety at Edge Hill University. 

Police Sergeant Chris Hammill, who nominated Fiona for the award, said: “The way Fiona manages her workload and handles the many tasks she faces is admirable. I do not believe that there is a harder working Community Beat Manager within Lancashire. Amazingly and despite her hectic workload, Fiona still immerses herself in community groups and activities within her beat area. She has set up fantastic links at Edge Hill University to help with the safeguarding of students and the positive impact she has had on youth anti-social behaviour has been massive – including recently investigating a shop which had been selling alcohol to underage children, which has since lost its licence. She also took a leading role and co-ordinated a multi-agency approach to engage with a prolific drug user, who had been causing significant issues for his neighbours. Fiona’s approach led to him receiving the medical and mental health support he needs and has better safeguarded his neighbours. Fiona is the perfect example of the high calibre officers that the Police Now programme is designed to provide. Fiona will undoubtedly go on to be a leader of the future, such is her dedication and performance.”

Fiona has worked closely with Edge Hill University to build stronger relationships and safeguard students, including raising awareness of student safety and drink spiking. Through establishing regular meetings with university staff to facilitate effective information sharing, she has managed to provide extra support to students and build trust and confidence amongst those who had not previously felt comfortable speaking to the police. 

Fiona also recently led a successful investigation in Ormskirk Town Centre, following the theft of two HGVs worth £250,000 each. Through analysing phone data and forensic evidence, she managed to secure charges against the suspects who are now awaiting trial.

She has also engaged with a group of young people in the area who had been displaying persistent anti-social behaviour. Through engaging with members of the public and building their trust in the police service, she was able to gather evidence and bring the group in for interviewing. By getting to know them individually and speaking with their parents, she tackled the root causes of their behaviour. Two of the offenders were given court orders to engage with the force’s Youth Offending Team to manage their behaviour and receive the required support, and another two individuals who Fiona worked with have not reoffended in almost a year and are now back in school.

Police Constable Fiona Rowe, who joined the force after graduating with a degree in Biological Sciences and working as a microbiologist and a cancer therapy scientist, said: “I am passionate about working within my community to improve the quality of life for those living in Ormskirk. The work we do is challenging, but that makes it all the more rewarding. We don’t do it to receive recognition, but I am so pleased to have been presented with this award alongside a number of other brilliant colleagues recognised at the ceremony.”

The Lancashire Police Excellence Awards were held at Ewood Park on 15th June and saw over 200 people come together to celebrate some of the excellent work taking place across the force, with an address from Chief Constable Chris Rowley.

Fiona also won a Problem-Oriented Policing award last year, alongside another Police Now officer Police Constable Megan Boon, for significantly reducing reported thefts of valuable York stone slabs from churches in West Lancashire after a series of high-profile cases. She has also been nominated for a Tilley Award for that work.

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