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Police Now responds to Baroness Casey’s review of the Metropolitan Police Service

Police Now responds to Baroness Casey’s review of the Metropolitan Police Service

Tuesday 21 March 2023

A statement from Police Now’s Executive Team on behalf of the organisation:

We, like many others around the country, have spent the morning reading and reflecting on Baroness Casey’s review of the Metropolitan Police Service and the stark findings within the report. This cannot continue. This is a critical moment for British policing, which signifies an essential catalyst for clear, demonstrable change and meaningful reform.  

Bullying and predatory behaviour including racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other kind of hate have absolutely no place in society, let alone policing. When corruption and wrongdoing exist on a systemic scale within a service which is sworn to protect and serve the public, we risk destroying the very foundation and legitimacy of policing.   

Whilst this report focuses entirely on the Metropolitan Police Service, we are certain that different aspects will resonate with forces across the country. As Baroness Casey has outlined, policing nationally must be alive to the fact that the service can attract the wrong type of people and perpetuate toxic cultures that push out the best.  

We are committed to supporting police forces to recruit, train and inspire officers who can challenge cultures, cultivate new ideas and drive better outcomes for communities. But there must be no doubt that the challenge is enormous. This is a long-term mission for policing, and we can only begin to rebuild trust and confidence when the public can see swift action being taken, with clear positive impact. Every corner of policing, including Police Now, is responsible for making this happen. The whole sector must work together to expedite the much-needed transformation.   

Policing is listening. Baroness Casey has played a key role in supporting the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner with the daunting task ahead and they, alongside police leaders nationally, have Police Now’s support in bringing vital reform and difference to policing. Police Now has always placed neighbourhood and frontline policing at the very heart of our mission, and we are reassured that these are being highlighted and prioritised in this report. They have been de-prioritised for too long, the detrimental impact of this is clear – Londoners deserve better.   

Policing can attract the best of humanity. Those who want to make a positive difference in society, show enormous courage and bravery when protecting the public, and who always hold themselves to the highest standards. This report will be particularly hard for them to digest today, alongside the public they serve. We encourage every committed police officer to remind themselves of why they joined, the victims they have supported and the difference they have made. Together we must push forwards, for the sake of our communities, and work towards creating a truly inclusive and trustworthy police service that the public deserves and we can be proud of.   


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