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Winners! The Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy!

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Winners! The Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy!

We picked up the TARGETjobs National Graduate Recruitment Award for the best diversity and Inclusion strategy last night!

We’re so pleased to have won this award. It recognises the hard work of our team who continue to develop our attraction and selection strategy to ensure we are fully inclusive and not inadvertently disadvantaging any particular groups.

Diversity is at the core of what we do, as we work with police forces nationwide to recruit individuals who represent the communities we serve, striving to increase confidence in policing and reduce crime.

As a result we continue to successfully recruit, train and develop a diverse selection of graduates who thrive in their roles. Over the last five years Police Now have recruited and trained over 630 police officers and 90% of them are still serving as police officers.


For any enquiries please get in touch with us. 


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Media and Communications Officer

Devon & Cornwall Police

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Shaun Sawyer

Chief Constable

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