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Upile Mtitimila

Police Now graduate

Want more?

The grads who choose us want more.

More than a 9 to 5 and more than a regular graduate scheme. 

Our grads see the difference they’re making each day: in communities, in society, and in individual lives.

Like Upile, who joined Police Now in 2016 and has been changing lives ever since.

In six short years, Upile has:

of applicants to Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme had never previously considered joining the police
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Be yourself

“Police Now stood out as different. I felt that through a programme that was so in line with what I connected with; it was the right way to go into policing. I think what sets Police Now apart – and why it is important – is that it really embraces you as an individual. I can honestly say that. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself and then be a police officer.”

Upile Mtitimila, Police Now graduate

Upile Mtitimila | Police Now Graduate
Policing isn’t a career for graduates, right?

Wrong. Police Now’s award-winning programme helps high-achieving, diverse graduates become leaders in frontline policing. This is a way to use your degree, determination and uniqueness to solve society’s most pressing problems.

It gives you the opportunity to explore different areas of policing, rise through the ranks, increase your salary, and develop your skills and experience.

Upile has done exactly that. He joined policing in 2016 after he graduated from the University of St Andrews with a degree in International Relations. He’s been changing people’s lives since. 

Upile's policing career so far
Starts the two-year Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme

Completes secondment with PA Consulting


Graduates from the Police Now programme

Wins policing excellence award for Innovation


Secures a place on the Policing Fast Track to Inspector Programme

Graduates with MSc in Policing

Promotion to Sergeant working in response policing


Becomes Co-chair of Cheshire Constabulary’s Multicultural Network and Board Member for Police Now’s Customer Insights and Futures Impact Committee


Moves to Detective Sergeant in CID

Joins the management team at the Police Now
National Graduate Leadership Programme Academy

Becomes Force Operational Lead for Safer Streets Warrington focussed on Violence Against Women and Girls


Warrington listed as safest town to live

Moves to Detective Sergeant post working on
online child abuse

Completing Fast Track for promotion to Inspector


How far are you willing to go?

Use your degree to help the most vulnerable people in our communities thrive. Start your journey with Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme.

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Scott Chilton - Dorset Police Chief Constable

Scott Chilton

Chief Constable

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