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Be an influencer

Want to influence with purpose? To promote something so important it stops crime and saves lives?

You can use your story, your background, and your degree in a career where engagement really matters. Influence for generations as a neighbourhood police officer.

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Do you question everything, never accepting things the way they are? Despite barriers, you’re willing to do what it takes to change the world around you.

If so, you may be eligible to join a Police Now award-winning two-year National Detective Programme to become a Police Detective in Counter Terrorism. This is a new and exciting opportunity to join the police in Counter Terrorism through one of our Times Top 100 graduate schemes which offer personal support and advice, training and development.

Police detective jobs in London

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Become a Counter Terrorism Police Detective

Counter Terrorism Police Jobs

Why join the Met as a Police Detective in Counter Terrorism?

Police Now are working with the Metropolitan Police Service on an exciting new stream within our National Detective Programme. We are offering a new opportunity for you to become a Police Detective working in Counter Terrorism, based in London. Join us and tackle the most critical threats to our communities and country.

By joining the Metropolitan Police Service through Police Now’s National Detective Programme, you’ll benefit from our unique training and development designed to progress your career and your impact in policing:

Counter terrorism
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Because of the range of things you deal with, it’s a really varied role.

When I read the news, I see so many topics where I have either been directly or indirectly involved because of the job I do.

Detective Constable, Counter Terrorism

More about the Met Police

London has a population of over 8.8 million and with more than 43,000 officers and staff, you will be joining the largest police force in the UK.

The Met’s vision is to make London the safest global city by being the best crime-fighters, by any measure; earning the trust and confidence of every community and taking pride in the quality and efficiency of their service so people love, respect and are proud of London’s Met. 

One way this will be achieved is by countering terrorism and reviewing strategy, tactics, and resources in light of the threat.

While the expectations of what their police officers will achieve are high, the Metropolitan Police Service is committed to providing Police Now participants with the training, support and tools needed to complement Police Now’s training, enabling them to have a significant impact in London’s most challenging communities.


Through our partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service, we have recruited, trained and developed 541 graduates to become police officers in London

About the Counter Terrorism command and network you'll be joining

The Metropolitan Police Service has a Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) which is part of the wider Counter Terrorism Policing Network. The command is made up of approximately 1,500 officers, of which nearly 500 are Detective Constables who are deployed in a variety of interesting and critical roles.

SO15 works in partnership with intelligence and security partners to gather, assess, analyse and develop intelligence to drive operational activity to protect London and the UK from the threat of terrorism, extremism and subversion

The Counter Terrorism Policing network stretches across the UK. There are eleven regional counter terrorism units (CTUs) and intelligence units (CTIUs). These units collaborate daily to confront the threat from terrorism. They have officers and staff working in a range of specialist fields such as investigations, forensics, digital exploitation, financial inquiries, community liaison and communications.

The role of a Police Detective in Counter Terrorism​

As a Police Detective in Counter Terrorism, your primary objective is to keep people safe from terrorism, by preventing vulnerable people being drawn into extremism, investigating and bringing terrorists to justice and protecting the public from terrorist threats.

The intelligence you gather and the decisions you make will be crucial to the security of our society and protecting innocent lives. You’ll have the opportunity to work closely with a range of different government and international agencies, from Mi5 to special forces.

Prevent terrorist attacks, protect people, bring justice to victims and their families.

Each case will be unique and high stakes. As a detective there is no room for assumptions. Being diligent and collecting evidence based on facts are all part of each line of enquiry you’ll follow.

You’ll be dealing with issues such as radicalisation, extremist groups and the prevention of terrorist attacks. Diligence and attention to detail will be critical to collecting evidence and uncovering the truth.

Reino Cronje | Detective Constable

What we look for in a Police Detective in Counter Terrorism

We’re looking for people who demonstrate the strengths and characteristics suited to the role of police detective. Detectives thrive under pressure, taking a positive attitude to overcome obstacles. 

To understand the skills we expect of all detectives, you can find more information in Life as a Police Detective.

There are some specific skills needed when working in Counter Terrorism. Here are some examples what could help you stand out during the application process:

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Our focus on diversity and inclusion

The Met Police continues to strive to represent the global city it serves and develop a truly inclusive workforce. The force are actively engaged in plans to further increase the proportion of female and Black, Asian and minority ethnic officers joining and forging a career path within policing. 

Catherine Jolliffe | Police Detective Constable

How to apply

Do you want a career where you can make an impact. Are you prepared to start the application process?

Being prepared is the first step in being successful in your application to join the police. Before you apply, make sure to thoroughly read this information and have everything you need to start your journey.

Find out how you can apply for The Met Police and all the steps you’ll go through to join Police Now.

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