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Alumni Impact Awards: Improving Public Confidence, Surrey Police  

Alumni Impact Awards: Improving Public Confidence, Surrey Police

Wednesday 4th October 2023

Police Constable Tom Burrows has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards, for piloting ‘Positive Futures’ in Spelthorne. The project saw the police proactively collaborate with school students in the area to tackle anti-social behaviour and achieve positive community change.

The annual Alumni Impact Awards celebrate the achievements of officers across England and Wales who have graduated from Police Now’s two-year programmes and have gone above and beyond to reduce crime, support their communities and build public trust and confidence in policing.

Eight officers from forces across England and Wales were recognised at the awards ceremony on Friday 22nd September, at Cutler’s Hall in Sheffield. The awards were presented by Police Now’s Chief Executive Officer Kurtis Christoforides and members of the Police Now HQ team.

WINNER: Improving Public Confidence, Police Constable Tom Burrows

PC Tom Burrows joined Surrey Police in 2021 via Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme and led on the implementation of ‘Positive Futures’ in Spelthorne.

The pilot initiative ran from September – December last year and saw school students across Spelthorne work together to develop solutions to anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the community, supported by Tom and dedicated mentors. The sessions included visiting locations affected by ASB, including the underpass in Sunbury Cross, and talking with local managers about the impact of ASB on their businesses. Tom personally delivered sessions in schools to educate students on the effects of ASB and worked with a high number of stakeholders to facilitate the project.

The students presented their proposed solutions and findings to a panel of local stakeholders, including Surrey Police, Surrey Fire and Rescue, Spelthorne Borough Council, local councillors, and the High Sherriff.

Thanks to the project, work began on the underpass in Sunbury Cross to reduce ASB and improve safety, including securing funding for new CCTV, better lighting and mirrors, and designing new artwork for the underpass. Independent analysis is ongoing to better measure the impact of Tom’s work in the community.

The students were also presented with certificates from T/Assistant Chief Constable Ali Barlow at an awards ceremony at Staines Police Station, bringing them closer to the work the police do every day and allowing them to see first-hand the positive difference they can make to their local community.

PC Tom Burrows said: “The ‘Positive Futures’ initiative cuts to the heart of neighbourhood policing, by looking at ways to proactively improve the quality of life in the community and strengthen our relationship with residents. Through engaging with schools, the project aimed to divert young people away from ASB and educate them on its negative effects on the community, as well as finding solutions to existing problems. I have really enjoyed leading on the pilot of this project for the force; it helped us build stronger partnerships with community stakeholders and local schools, which will in turn help us better address the issues affecting the public together.”

Police Constable Tom Burrows, winner in the Alumni Impact Awards 'Improving Public Confidence' category

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