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Local Impact – Sussex

Police Now officers tackling crime alongside colleagues at Sussex Police

Monday 5 July 2021

Police Now have partnered with Sussex Police for four years

62 police constables and  34  detective constables have joined the force via this route

PC Lucy Egleton has been working with partners to tackle graffiti  

Officers on Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme have been working alongside their colleagues within their local neighbourhood teams to tackle crime in Sussex.    

Police Now’s mission is to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring diverse leaders in policing.    

Officers on Police Now’s programmes develop skills in leadership and problem-solving. They share a commitment to public service, fighting crime and inspiring social change alongside their colleagues.    

PC Lucy Egleton of Sussex Police has been working alongside her force prevention sergeants and inspectors to tackle a graffiti problem in Brighton and Hove. PC Egleton has been careful not to disrupt the well-established street art community in Brighton and Hove, focusing instead on the smaller graffiti ‘tags’, symbols and offensive language that has been appearing.

Upon further inspection, she saw there were plenty of opportunities to build relationships with partner agencies and look at the force policies surrounding investigating and progressing graffiti cases. She worked with local communities and associations – including the city council’s environmental enforcement department and the city cleaning department, British Transport Police and the Universities within Brighton – to create a new method for reporting offensive graffiti. These reports are flagged to her from the Sussex Police database so she could monitor patterns or prolific tags. 

PC Egleton said “Though there have been challenges in tackling graffiti, such as managing expectations with what we can achieve, by remaining persistent in our commitment to partnership working and creating a set method for graffiti investigations we have been able to progress investigations further than before and have been able to achieve positive outcomes in cases around the city”

Police Now has recruited a total of 1,830 officers across 33 forces in the UK, including Sussex Police, who have partnered with Police Now for the past four years - 62 police constables and 34 detective constables have joined the force via this route. Police Now recruitment data shows that of those starting the Police Now National Graduate Leadership Programme in Sussex between 2017 and 2020, more than half (55 per cent) identified as women.  

“We’re incredibly proud of the positive impact our participants continue to have within their local communities, and their commitment to driving positive change with their colleagues so that everyone in our society, including the most vulnerable, have a chance to thrive”.

David Spencer

Co-founder of Police Now and former Detective Chief Inspector

Neighbourhood police officer | Lucy Egleton

Data references

Using data taken from Police Recorded Crime Statistics, the independently peer-reviewed figures compare the 22-month period from October 2016 to July 2018 before any Police Now officers had joined their local communities to the period when they joined from October 2018 to July 2020.

The data presented here is subject to limitations with Police Recorded Crime Statistics and methodology. More details on this are available at the bottom of the following Police Now webpage.


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