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Meet our officers: DC Atia Scrivens

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Meet our officers: DC Atia Scrivens

Tuesday 05 October 2021

Detective Constable Atia Scrivens with Avon and Somerset Police was trained on the first ever cohort of the National Detective Programme, which launched in 2019, designed to equip participants with the core policing and leadership skills required in modern investigative work. 

The cohort graduated from the two-year programme in September, with DC Scrivens awarded ‘Best Impact Assignment’ for her presentation on safeguarding and domestic abuse, demonstrating excellent links between theory and practice and a strong insight into the topic.

Speaking about her journey into policing, Detective Constable Scrivens said: “After graduating the University of Bristol with a degree in Environmental Geoscience, I then trained as a Hearing Aid Audiologist. I travelled to customer’s homes to test their hearing and provide them hearing aids.

“I fancied a change in career from sales and someone recommended joining the Communications Department in Avon and Somerset Police. I started on the switchboard triaging 101 calls.

“Working in Comms was a great experience but I found it difficult to hand over the jobs to officers without knowing what happened next in the investigation. I didn’t believe at the time that I would suit frontline duties and that my skillset was better suited to being Detective. The Police Now Detective route gave me the opportunity to be part of a brand-new approach to policing, and I really identified with Police Now’s core values. “

Credit: Avon & Somerset Police


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