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Police Now contributes to the successful delivery of the Police Uplift Programme

Police Now contributes to the successful delivery of the Police Uplift Programme

Friday 12 May 2023

Police Now has supported the Home Office’s Police Uplift Programme to reach its target of recruiting an additional 20,000 police officers in England and Wales between April 2020 and the end of March 2023. These officers are working to successfully drive down anti-social behaviour and crime in their communities.

Over the duration of the Police Uplift Programme, Police Now recruited and trained 1,641 police officers and detectives alongside 27 forces across England and Wales, via its National Graduate Leadership Programme and National Detective Programme. Since it was founded in 2014, Police Now has partnered with a total of 36 forces and recruited and trained over 2,680 police officers and detectives nationally.

These outstanding and diverse officers have been contributing to Police Now’s mission to transform communities, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, and increase the public’s confidence in the police service. Independently peer reviewed analysis in Police Now’s latest Impact and Insights report suggests that communities where National Graduate Leadership Programme participants were posted observed a 14% reduction in anti-social behaviour, compared to a 1% increase in communities without a Police Now participant1.

Police Constable William Johnson-Pyatt joined Avon and Somerset Police in 2020 via Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme. He has helped reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by over 40% at a local business in Knowle West, in an area with historically high rates of anti-social behaviour. William and his team are working alongside the council, local charities and the youth offending team to issue Acceptable Behaviour Agreements and Community Behaviour Warnings to key offenders and divert them away from the cycle of crime. The location saw a 26% decrease in 999/101 calls and a 43% decrease in reported crime from its premises from October 2022 – April 2023 compared to the same period the previous year. William’s strong partnership building means he now receives more regular intelligence from the local business to aid ongoing improvement, as they continue their efforts to drive down crime in the area.  

Detective Constable Adrianna Morgan, who joined Surrey Police in 2021 on Police Now’s National Detective Programme, successfully led a complex investigation against an offender who had committed a string of serious offences across the country, including sexual assault, common assault and harassment. Thanks to her work, he is now serving time in prison. She said: “Safeguarding the victims involved and ensuring that they felt supported during what has undoubtedly been a horrific time in their lives has been my absolute priority. Thanks to their bravery, and the support from my policing colleagues, we have been able to remove a dangerous individual from the streets and protect members of the public from further harm. I was particularly pleased to work with Detective Constable Matt Beavis on this case, who is another Police Now detective in a neighbouring force, having trained together at the start of our careers. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve both come in a short space of time and the positive impact we can make as detectives, particularly when we work together across our national Police Now network.”

Police Now seeks to empower officers to challenge cultures, build public confidence in policing and support the communities that need them the most. A Times Top 100 Graduate Employer, Police Now brings difference and diversity into the sector by recruiting, training and developing exceptional individuals to be leaders on the policing frontline. Police Now typically attracts those who had not previously considered a career in policing; of those that started on the National Detective Programme this year, 54% had never considered a career in policing before hearing about Police Now and 70% are experienced career changers.

Alongside the National Graduate Leadership Programme and National Detective Programme, Police Now has further supported the development of 410 officers on its Frontline Leadership Programme; a one-year development programme which supports talented officers to progress from constable to sergeant rank, paying particular attention to creating inclusive policing cultures and the barriers often faced by officers from underrepresented groups.  

Applications for our National Graduate Leadership Programme are currently closed.

1This statistic refers to police recorded crime data for England and Wales (2016 – July 2020). The analysis compared neighbourhood level trends in police recorded ASB in the communities where Police Now’s 2018-2020 National Graduate Leadership Programme participants were posted, with trends in ASB in communities without a Police Now participant. The analysis was peer reviewed by an independent academic expert. The findings preclude firm ‘cause and effect’ statements in the absence of a fully randomised design and should be interpreted whilst noting the limitations of police recorded crime data.


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