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Antonia Moran

Antonia Moran
Neighbourhood Force Graduate Of Durham University
Why did you want to join Police Now?

I come from a military background and had always wanted to join the forces. For a range of reasons, this didn’t happen when I graduated University and I pursued a career in academia. At the time of applying for Police Now I was a Researcher & Teaching Assistant at Newcastle University and I was working towards my PhD. I was interested in applying for Police Now as I saw the opportunity to start a career in policing in one of the most challenging areas with the added structure of the development programme to help me progress.

Tell us about the programme?

The course began with the Summer Academy which was an intensive six week programme. It was challenging from day one, with a great deal of material to cover and long days, but I quickly adapted to the demands and enjoyed the fast-paced structure. Since starting work on my ward there are numerous opportunities to participate in Police Now events ranging from careers talks, development seminars and specific training.

What’s the biggest positive impact you’ve made in your ward so far?

Obtaining a Closure Order on a notorious ‘Crack den’ on my ward. This residential property had been a serious crime generator and caused significant anti-social behaviour in the area. There was no one with experience in applying for Closure Orders in my police station so it was very much a case of learning by doing (I have since created a guide for Dedicated Ward Officers in my borough). After enforcing the Closure Order we went door-to-door informing residents and they were very relieved.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Obtaining my first search warrant.

What skills have you gained?

Anything can happen on a shift. I’ve really learnt to be able to deal with constantly changing priorities. Despite having a ‘to do’ list at the start of the day, there will always be events that change that!

What will you be doing after the two year programme?

I hope to stay working for the Metropolitan Police. I have discovered that I really enjoy the intelligence side of policing and I am making the most of my time as a Neighbourhood Officer to gain experience in that area.

If someone was thinking about joining, what would you say to them?

Police Now will give you the opportunity to have a real impact on a community. Being a Dedicated Ward Officer, you’ll be required to problem solve the long standing issues on your ward. There is a lot of responsibility but it is highly rewarding making positive changes to your ward.