Technical guidance for the online assessment

Are you having technical issues completing the online assessment? Please see below for our technical guidance.

What browser should I use for the online assessment?


The online assessment should be supported by all web browsers. However, we find some candidates experience problems with Safari and Internet Explorer. We suggest using Google Chrome where possible.

I have reached a video response, but the video screen stays black and will not allow me to record and/or is displaying an error message of ‘waiting for hardware.’ What do I do?


Please try the following options:

A pop up should appear in the top corner of your screen asking you to authorise the hardware. You must authorise this hardware for the website to allow you to record. If you have a pop-up blocker, please disable it for this website.

If you have already authorised the hardware, please close your browser and try to complete the assessment in another browser. Your progress will be saved from wherever you have left off, so your answers to the previous section of the online assessment will be saved. If you are using Safari or Internet Explorer, please try Google Chrome.

Technical issue checklist

Here are our quick fixes, which we find work in most instances, when facing technical difficulties:

 Use Google Chrome


 Make sure you selected ‘Accept’ or ‘Allow’ when asked for permission to access your microphone/webcam


 Use an ‘incognito tab’ when completing the online assessment


 Clear cache and cookies from the browser and device


 Use a different device (Tablet, Mobile, Laptop)


 Use a different WiFi network or Hotspot.

Top tips for mobile phone/tablet users

Here are the top tips if you are using your mobile phone to complete the online assessment:

 Be indoors or a quiet environment to avoid noise or wind in the background


 Have the front facing camera turned on when recording video responses


 Position the phone to be able to record your face and shoulders 


 Keep fingers away from the microphone area of the phone


 Avoid moving the device around when recording video. You could mount it on a static surface for minimal movement


 Position yourself in a well-lit environment, so your face is clearly visible


 Use a consistent internet connection (WiFi or Mobile Data)


 When completing written responses consider spelling and grammar


 Make sure to have sufficient battery on the device before starting or have a charger to hand.

Information centres

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Online assessment format

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Hints & tips

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Further information and assistance

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