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You want more: from society, from the institutions that govern and protect us, and from the individuals around you. You want to be a part of leading this change in a career that makes a positive impact in the world on a day-to-day basis.

By becoming a neighbourhood police officer, you have an opportunity to transform communities. Joining the police through Police’s Now National Graduate Leadership Programme means you’ll enjoy a salaried, two-year, structured development programme which prepares exceptional graduates with high leadership potential for roles in neighbourhood policing. 

Our programme is designed to push your limits: the limits of your knowledge, your competency, your commitment and your drive to change the world.

To succeed, you must be ready to commit. Whether working to improve the systems and status quo within policing, or on the frontline of society’s most challenging problems, you bring your perspective, your unique ideas, and your passion to the role in each and every moment. On our programme, you’ll learn to shape your drive into tangible realities that improve the lives of those around you.

We help inspired, innovative, and resilient graduates gain the skills and focus needed to join the police as change-makers within their communities and within the police service. Rebuilding trust in communities, innovating the way in which the police service protects those most vulnerable, and making the world a better place will be your daily achievement.

Join the police | Be the difference
Join the Police - Be the difference
Join the police | Be the difference

Join the police

Police Now is working with the Home Office and police forces across England and Wales to support an uplift in police officers.

Our two-year programme provides you with the professional development and structure to become an outstanding neighbourhood police officer.

Our National Graduate Leadership Programme is multi-award winning graduate recruitment scheme known for our innovative and diverse graduates.

Joining the police: what we’re looking for

Our industry-leading recruitment process assesses the exceptional qualities needed to lead change in policing and in society.

We want those who tackle complex challenges with innovation, resilience, and compassion.

We want people who can meet each day with the grit and determination to help make society a safer place for everyone. We look for leaders who can constructively disrupt the status quo to make real, systemic change – in our organisations and in our communities.

Have you got what it takes?

How you apply

You want a career where you can make an impact. Are you prepared to start the application process?

Being prepared is the first step in being successful in your application to join the police. Before you apply, make sure to thoroughly read this information and have everything you need to start your journey.

Find out how you apply for West Midlands Police and all the steps you’ll go through in becoming a police officer with Police Now.

Before you apply, make sure you meet our eligibility criteria with our online guide.

Some of the key requirements you must meet include:

Anokhi Chouhan | Neighbourhood police officer
Anokhi Chouhan | Neighbourhood police officer


I initially thought I couldn’t be a police officer because I had a stammer and I thought a lot of police officers probably don’t have a speech impediment.

I met a police officer in the West Midlands Police and he had a slight stammer as well and that really inspired me.

So after that I started looking into policing and looking at the police graduate scheme. Police Now is really appealing and the staff there are extremely supportive.

I was proved wrong and I am really proud that I have been able to accomplish this target of mine."

Safyaan - Police Now
Safyaan Javid | Neighbourhood police officer

Award-winning graduate recruiter

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Chief Constable

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