My First 30 Days with Police Now


Dr. Sally East joined Police Now as Finance and Operations Director in April. Since then her desk has been a flurry of activity as she sets up all the systems that will allow Police Now to grow and operate across the country. Here is a look behind her first 30 days on the job…
I started working for Police Now as Finance and Operations Director as of April 1st 2016. Starting April Fool’s Day! What was in store for me? It doesn’t matter how confident you are nor experienced, starting a new job always reminds me of my first day at school – nervy excitement! The latter feeling was in keeping as I and my colleagues started on the same day our 2016 graduate cohort started their Spring Induction. It’s been 30 days since… wow! Where has the time gone? Well, as a new start-up everything has to be picked up and embedded to ensure that processes are plain sailing … bank access, setting up the payroll, making payments, writing policies, gaining access to Charities Commission and Companies House, exploring financial and CRM systems, and finding an external auditor to name but a few . . . deep breath . . . in black and white, it doesn’t look much, but everything takes time especially when starting from scratch.

I know, my gut feeling that I have chosen well – this job is great! And as Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, NCIS will tell you – listen to your gut feeling. I am extremely fortunate to be working with a group of dedicated, fun-loving and knowledgeable staff specialized in our respective fields! I love my job and being part of something that will grow and develop into something so much bigger and better! It’s great to wake up and want to get to work, I am proud to be part of Police Now and wonder what my next 30 days will bring!