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Neighbourhood Policing During Lockdown

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“It has been challenging for everyone during lockdown, and we have engaged in a lot of reassurance here in Blyth,” says PC Maggie Ashton, a participant about to graduate from our National Graduate Leadership Programme.

“Everyone has seen changes to their way of life and we’ve all had to adapt in some way, but what has remained a constant is our commitment to provide the very best service we can to the communities we are proud to serve.

Protecting people who are vulnerable is a priority for the Force, and that has very much continued.”

PC Ashton left university after studying Law with Criminology and joined the Army, then taught A-Level law in a secondary school for seven years. She knew she wanted to join the police and the Police Now programme offered her a great variety of policing experience.

Maggie Aston | Police Now
Maggie Ashton | Police Now

“It was a great route for me coming into policing via Police Now,” she says. “I joined to change my career path. I’ve had great experiences in all-round policing, on response, in an investigator role – I’ve had challenges and have enjoyed the variety and bigger picture that the Police Now route enabled me to have.

“As I graduate from the programme, ideally I’d like to go into the investigative world, perhaps as a Detective when I’ve completed my three years’ service.

“Northumbria Police have been so supportive to me – I’ve had great supervision, I work on a great team, and have been able to pursue opportunities with the Neighbourhood Team I’m in.”

PC Maggie Ashton,

Northumbria Police


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