A virtual experience

Pre-register for our virtual event to experience life as a neighbourhood police officer.

Police Now participants are committed to achieving our mission of community transformation through the role of a neighbourhood police officer. They make a real difference to those most vulnerable in society who are impacted by crime.

Have you got what it takes to be a neighbourhood police officer? Step into our 360° virtual neighbourhood to find out…

Police Now: A Virtual Experience is a unique opportunity for you to investigate a career in frontline policing and win prizes, without leaving the house.

As you navigate your way through the virtual neighbourhood, you’ll put your policing skills to the test, whilst learning all about our National Graduate Leadership Programme. Pre-register for our virtual event today to secure your place.


There will be four virtual zones for you to explore, each with a different activity. These include:

Police Now - Virtual events - Case board

Devon & Cornwall Police

Police Now | Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

Shaun Sawyer

Chief Constable

National Graduate Leadership Programme

National Detective Programme

Case studies: