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Police Now officer in Greater Manchester brings prolific shoplifter to justice

Police Now officer in Greater Manchester brings prolific shoplifter to justice

Friday 4 February 2022

Police Constable Kimberley Daniel, an officer on Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Programme in Greater Manchester Police, ran a five-month investigation into shoplifting in her role on the neighbourhood policing team in Hyde.

The National Graduate Leadership Programme gives graduates and career-changers a structured route into policing and supports participants over the two-year programme to make a positive impact in their communities as neighbourhood police officers. Applications are currently open, including for Greater Manchester Police and neighbouring force Cheshire Constabulary.

PC Daniel investigated a prolific shoplifter in Denton, who often became violent or threatening towards staff and committed 32 theft offences at one store.

PC Daniel said: “Due to a lack of CCTV evidence and funds for additional security, the business premises were reluctant to support a police prosecution. Therefore, I had to think creatively to solve this problem and safeguard staff at the store.

“I reinvestigated closed cases and obtained victim and witness statements in order to apply for a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO). This order would prevent the suspect from entering restricted zones and provide support to the victims of assault and robbery.

“I created a map of the existing area surrounding the store and outlined my proposed restrictions, to prevent this person reoffending within the area, and once the file was in good order, I arranged a small team to execute the arrest of the suspect.

“The suspect was arrested on suspicion of robbery offences and further arrested for assaulting an emergency service worker during the arrest process. He was remanded and I interviewed the suspect myself. Through my thorough investigating, we were able to forgo using a CBO and the offender was instead sentenced to a term in prison. The Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) authorised 5 charges: Attempted Robbery, Section 39 Common Assault by beating, Robbery, Possession of an Offensive Weapon and Assault on an Emergency Service Worker.”

The offender appeared in court last year and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

PC Daniel added: “I felt I had a duty of care to safeguard the staff members from a persistent violent shop lifter, I needed to think outside the box for a more long-term solution. I hope this investigation has improved the level of confidence in the police, through innovative thinking and looking at the wider impact shoplifters can have in the community.

“I didn’t have a policing background prior to joining and in fact joined the police after completing a degree in Psychology. I think Police Now’s focus on problem-oriented policing and how different psychological theories relate to crime and communities is a really innovative way of policing, and I think being a neighbourhood police officer is an incredibly worthwhile career. You can really make a difference to people’s lives.”


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