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We actively support our alumni to set up their own networks within the alumni and ambassador community, so that they can come together and problem solve, share best practice and stay connected with each other. 

If you are interested in joining any of the networks that are detailed below or want to set up another network please email [email protected]

Current networks

  • Policing Diverse Communities Network
  • National Policing Drugs Network
  • Fast Track Network
  • Sergeants’ Network
  • Empowering Women to achieve in Policing Network 
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Network
  • Innovation Network 

Become a Network Lead

We are always on the look out for Network Leads. Our Network Leads run our networks in partnership with our Alumni Officers. Being a Network Lead gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and make a tangible difference to issues you care about on a national scale.

Network Leads

You will receive:

What we expect in return:

Please note these responsibilities can be shared between network leads of one network.

You can either put yourself forward to be a Network Lead for one of our current networks, or you can come to us with an idea for your own network. If you’re interested in being a Network Lead or have an idea for a network you’d like to set up then please email us at [email protected].

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Scott Chilton

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National Detective Programme

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