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Alumni awards

The annual Alumni Impact Awards are a chance to recognise the impact our alumni have had since starting their careers as police constables and detective constables.

The Police Now Alumni Impact Awards 2023 are now closed for nominations.

This year, we were looking for alumni from our National Graduate Leadership Programme and National Detective Programme who have gone above and beyond. 

Find out more about the work of this year’s winners here:

Alumni Impact Awards: outstanding leadership on the policing frontline | POLICE NOW


This year we had four award categories, which were:

Outstanding leadership
Nominations for this category will be from alumni who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. They will have shown their ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve positive change. This could be within their force or within the community they police and may have been a single piece of work or a long-term project. Their leadership will have led to tangible improvements for victims, communities, or for staff within their force.

Improving public confidence
This category will recognise alumni who have made a significant impact in their community by working to build strong, positive relationships.  This could be one victim, through a victim focused investigation or the wider community they are working in. The nominees will have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the challenges their community are facing. This category is focused on the impact of the work and the results, with public confidence being a key factor.

Brilliant community problem solving and Brilliant Investigation
The nominees for this category will showcase how they have utilised good problem-solving techniques or strong investigative skills. They will have used innovative and creative approaches to problem solving, using data to drive decision making. A fundamental part of this category is understanding the method behind the problem solving/investigation. They are likely to have used or contributed to evidence-based policing.

2023 Alumni Impact Awards

Outstanding Leadership

WINNER: Police Constable Nilufar Ali

Police Constable Nilufar Ali has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards, for championing diversity and inclusion within her force and inspiring others to achieve positive change.

RUNNER UP: PC Jamie Acton

Police Constable Jamie Acton has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards for developing an innovative new approach to handling reports of missing people from healthcare settings in Manchester, in ‘Operation Ambition.’

Improving Public Confidence

WINNER: PC Tom Burrows

Police Constable Tom Burrows has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards, for piloting ‘Positive Futures’ in Spelthorne. The project saw the police proactively collaborate with school students in the area to tackle anti-social behaviour and achieve positive community change.

RUNNER UP: PC Sanjar Najibi

Police Constable Sanjar Najibi has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards, for his work to support a community of over 200 Afghan refugees who have been resettled in Elmbridge. Through collaborating with community partners and organising a number of events, he has strengthened relationships with the public and improved intelligence gathering in the area.

Brilliant Community Problem Solving

WINNER: PC Jacob Davies

Police Constable Jacob Davies was presented with the ‘Brilliant Community Problem Solving’ Award at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards, for significantly reducing anti-social behaviour  and improving public confidence in policing at a block of flats on his ward.

RUNNER UP: PC Georgia Marshall

Police Constable Georgia Marshall has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards, for using brilliant problem-solving skills to reduce anti-social behaviour  in Snodland town.

Brilliant Investigation

WINNER: DC Georgia Waldron

Detective Constable Georgia Waldron has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards for her brilliant investigative work during a stranger rape case, resulting in a life sentence for the violent offender.

RUNNER UP: PC Jake Farrell

Police Constable Jake Farrell has been recognised at Police Now’s national Alumni Impact Awards for successfully leading an investigation into the professional, targeted theft of boilers by an Organised Crime Group in the South East of England.

Alumni Impact Award Winner 2022

The 2022 Alumni Impact Award was presented at the National Graduate Leadership Programme’s Cohort 6 graduation and was awarded to DC Colette Daoud for her work in victim care and bringing a violent offender to justice.

Nominations for the 2023 awards are now closed and will reopen again next year.

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