Your career progression is important to us, and we are on hand to support you in your next steps. Whether you want to be promoted and climb the ranks, or you want to make a lateral move and specialise – we can support those next steps.


Promotion within the police service can be very competitive with different processes to navigate your way through, so support is on hand to help you understand the processes and what’s required of you at each stage.

We currently offer support for any Police Now alumni who want to be promoted to sergeant or inspector. We also offer support for our alumni who wish to apply for the College of Policing’s Fast Track PC to Inspector programme.


Information webinars

Year round

Online webinars covering:

Exam Preparation

Year round

Board & interview preparation

Year round

Information session covering:

Mentoring & coaching

Year round

Promotion via Fast Track support

The College of Policing’s Fast Track programme is especially competitive with around 40 places each year across a range of different forces (to find out if your force is taking part you should contact your HR or People Development team).

This year, 75% of alumni who attended our mock assessment centre were accepted onto the programme. The support we are able to offer looks like this:

Application support


Online application support
and information session
covering application tips
and the support offered by
Police Now throughout the Fast
Track process.

Assessment centre preparation

July / August

Mock Assessment Centre, including:

Exam preparation

Mentoring & coaching

If you’re interested in receiving support for either the Sergeant’s promotion process, Inspector’s promotion process, or for the College of Policing’s Fast Track programme application process, please let us know.

Professional Development

We also offer continued professional development events for all alumni.

Discover more about our recent Imposter Syndrome event Breaking down barriers: tackling imposter syndrome in the police service.

Get Involved and explore our future events.

Frontline Leadership Programme:

If you are interested in being promoted then our Frontline Leadership Programme offers you tailored support and development to accelerate your chances of being promoted to sergeant rank.

The programme is a one year blended learning experience aimed at alumni and other officers who wish to become Sergeants. The programme supports successful applicants to navigate the promotion process, improve their operational competence and prepare for leadership by equipping them with the right skills to be exceptional leaders. If you are still on the National Graduate Leadership Programme or the National Detective Programme, your Performance and Development Coach will talk to you about this opportunity as you near the end of your two-year programme. We also run regular information sessions where you can find out more about the Frontline Leadership Programme.

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Jonathan Opaye-Tetteh shares his motivations for joining the programme.

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