Benefits of being a part of Police Now’s alumni

Benefits of being a part of Police Now’s alumni

Once you’ve completed a Police Now national graduate programme, you’ll be part of a unique and exclusive group of alumni.

Regardless of whether you stay in policing or not, you’ll always be part of the growing Police Now family, with a multitude of opportunities to get involved in events and to access help and advice from across the Police Now network.


Supporting your career in policing:

If you stay in policing we’ll continue to help you progress your career with exclusive support you can’t get anywhere else.

 Mock assessment centres and Boards coaching.
Continued professional development opportunities to develop your soft skills.
Support with promotion applications and interviews.
Skills sessions such as Digital Policing.
Personal pitch support.
Connections across police forces.

You’ll also get exclusive invitations to national events and cross force collaboration networks through the ranks, an invaluable network opportunity.


Your opportunity to support current and future Police Now participants:

You can also choose to help support the next generation of Police Now participants through a range of opportunities that will benefit your skills and experience too.

Become a Police Now mentor.
Become a Syndicate Lead or Stream Manager at a Police Now academy.
Speak at a Police Now attraction event.
Key note speaker, MC, or panel speaker for one of our Impact Events.
Be a guest speaker on our podcast or an interview guest for our media team.


Supporting your career outside policing:

Police Now is a family, of which you’ll always be a part, even after your time as a police officer has ended.

We offer connections to a range of organisations across industries and the private and public sector. You’ll get access to social and networking events with Police Now alumni both serving police officers and Police Now alumnus pursuing careers outside policing.

You can become a Police Now brand ambassador, and lead Partnership partnership opportunities with Police Now at your next organisation outside policing.

Whatever you end up doing after Police Now, we actively encourage our alumni to stay in touch and let us know where they are and what they’re doing.

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